Daily Screening & Separation

Daily Screening and Separation Policy-Covid-19


All staff, parents/guardians and children will be screened before children being permitted to enter the building. Parents/Guardians are NOT permitted to enter the Childcare Centre. Assigned screener will meet parent at the door and screening will take place outside the building.

Screening Procedure Includes:

  1. Take child/children’s temperature with Infrared Thermometer.
  2. Record time and temperature on our daily Sign in sheet.
  3. Ask the questions from the waiver form.

Once child has been screened and permitted to enter, the Supervisor/Designate will take the child/children to their classrooms. Upon arrival at their classroom, the teacher receiving the child will take the child to the bathroom to immediately wash hands and face before being permitted to do activities. Children and staff will be required to practice frequent hand washing procedures throughout the day.


Staff are to practice social distancing at all times in the Centre. You must remain at least two metres apart.

Staff are asked to encourage children to social distance as much as is reasonably possible.

Staff will set up activities in separate locations throughout the classroom to encourage social distancing.

A maximum of eight children will be permitted in each classroom to allow adequate spacing between children. Infant rooms will be a maximum of six.

Staff are asked to ensure you are social distancing yourself from the children as much as is reasonably possible.