Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to notify the Latchkey child care staff about my child’s absence?

When you provide Latchkey Child care staff with your child’s schedule, not only are we responsible for ensuring that he/she arrives but also that I have the required amount of staff according to our operating license. We typically DO NOT get messages from your child’s teacher or the school. It remains your responsibility to notify us when your child is ill, has been picked up buy someone at school. Please take a moment to call the Latchkey Child Care Program to let us know that he/she will not be coming to Latchkey. Latchkey  phone lines are available with voice mail 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

Are you a licensed Child Care & Learning Centre?

Yes, all locations are licensed annually by the Ministry of Education.

The licensing process includes physical inspections of the site, review of organizational policies and procedures, teaching qualifications and staff ratios.

Are all Latchkey Child Care staff qualified?

Yes, each program has a Child care Supervisor that is a Registered Early Childhood Educator, (R.E.C.E); In addition, all programs have R.E.C.E staff working with the children along with qualified child care assistants.

All staff must have experience working with children in a licensed child care setting. All staff must maintain a valid First Aid Certificate and CPR. They must keep both current to continue working with children. All staff must consent to a police reference check clearance prior to employment.

Why are we charged a $50.00 registration fee?

There are space and size requirements that indicate the number of children that are allowed to attend and use each child care. The registration fee ensures your child is registered and a child care space is allocated with the program. This fee also covers some of the administration cost associated with registering to the program.

Why are the fees/tuition paid in advance?

Latchkey Child Care & Learning Centre is proud to provide quality care for children at affordable rates. We are a non-profit corporation and rely on fees for snacks, creative supplies, toys and staff wages. Without the advance payments, we are unable to meet these expenses, therefore limiting the supplies and resources needed to provide an excellent child care program.

Do you charge a flat rate for before and after school services?

Latchkey Child Care & Learning Centre recognizes the needs of each family on a individual basis and that is why we have NOT implemented a flat rate. Families are billed hourly for the services that use.  

What is a subsidy?

Subsidy for fee payment assistance is available for all families who may need some assistance with their child care costs. Subsidy is to help families with lower income meets the costs of childcare.

Am I eligible for a subsidy?

Families can contact Social and Family Services to speak with a caseworker about qualifying. Please call and speak to the Intake Officer at (519) 255-5312 (Windsor) or 1-877-792-2312 (County).

Is Latchkey Child Care & Learning Centre associated with the School Boards?

Although we work cooperatively and have a partnership with the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board and the Greater Essex County District School Board, Latchkey Child Care is not associated with the School Boards.

Latchkey Child Care staff are not employed by either School Board, nor is the school Secretary employed by Latchkey Child Care. Therefore, if you are calling to advise of your child’s absence, please ensure you call both the school and the Latchkey Child Care program. Our programs have their own telephone lines with 24-hour voice mail.

Can I visit anytime or do I need to make an appointment?

Latchkey Child Care has an open door policy. Parents/guardians are welcome to visit the child care program at any time.

When visiting a full day program, try not to arrive during quiet/rest time to ensure the children will not be disturbed.

If you have many questions for the Child Care Supervisor, please schedule an appointment in advance. The Child Care Supervisor looks forward to spending time with you and addresses any questions or concerns you may