Teaching Philosophy

Latchkey Child Care believes that we are a vital extension of the family and the school community. Our goal is to develop positive relationships that are in the best interest of children, families and school communities that provide for ongoing communication, feedback and evaluation on a regular basis.

We believe that all children are naturally strong and capable learners. Teacher collaboration and guidance are offered in a safe, licensed, supervised, inclusive and supportive atmosphere where children are encouraged to explore, create, build, problem-solve and try out new skills. We look to each child to help guide us in their learning. We value and respect children and believe that their theories and ideas are an important source of curriculum. We believe this approach is the most developmentally appropriate and is most consistent with our understanding of how children learn.

Latchkey Child Care & Learning Centre provides an educational approach that is seamless, inclusive and meets the requirements established by the Ministry of Education. Our programs are based on current child development research, recognizing that children learn through play and inquiry.  

The learning environment is set up to encourage independent and group exploration of classroom materials. We offer the materials and tools to inspire children’s learning in all areas of growth and development.